Training Costs

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We at Freedom School of Motoring know fine well to become a driving instructor costs a large amount of money, which can pose stress and strain on the family budget.  We offer a pay as you go system.  Part 1 will be the only large sum of money that you will be asked to pay out in a lump sum for books and materials, which costs approx £214, the training is run at £25 per hour and it is 2 hour lessons.

PART 1 – Books and Materials

You must complete a systematic and structured Home Study course.  You will learn the essential driving and teaching theory prior to moving to the practical phases of your course (part 2 and 3).

You will receive a Home Study Pack containing DSA recommended books and the FREEDOM Study Guide and Question Book.  You must work through the guide methodically.  Your FREEDOM Tutor will offer advice when you meet periodically for training sessions.

You will attend 4 practical training sessions @ £25 per hour during Part 1, which will be 2 hour sessions, three sessions will be in-car and one will cover the hazard perception test.
Total cost of Part 1 Training including books - £200 + £214 = £414.  Books will required to be paid in full, car training can be paid as you go or in full if preferred.

PART 2 (driving) Training

You will carry out weekly driving sessions in preparation for the Part 2 driving test.  In total there are 20 hours of driver training and you will receive the FREEDOM Driving Manual.  The training will be carried out methodically and at a pace you can understand.  You can use Freedom’s car but most people prefer to use their own as the car and the driver become one.
Total cost of Part 2 Training is 20 hours @ £25 per hour = £500 payable at each lesson or fully if preferred.

PART 3 (instructor) Training

There are twenty 2 hour instructing sessions (all 1:1 with your FREEDOM Trainer in-car) to be completed to prepare you for Part 3 test.  You will receive two further instructional manuals.
Total cost of Part 3 Training is 40 hours @ £25 per hour = £1000 payable at each lesson or fully if preferred.

Full cost of the training start to finish is £1914.  If additional training is required the normal rate of £25 per hour will be charged.

EXAM fees

exam fees are paid to DSA at today’s cost payable by the student

Part 1 - £90        Part 2 - £111        Part 3 - £111

Registration fee - £300 upon qualifying and every 4 years thereafter
Trainee Badge – 6 Months is £140