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To qualify as an ADI you will have to meet certain legal requirements:
•    Be over 21 years of age
•    Have held a full, unrestricted licence for at least 3 and a half years.
•    Have no more than 5 penalty points on your licence
•    Be a fit and proper person to have your name entered on the ADI Register.  All convictions (including motoring) are taken into account.  DSA will carry out Criminal Records Bureau checks to assess the suitability of persons applying for inclusion on the Register.
•    Read a number plate at a distance of 90 feet.

If you meet all these legal requirements there is no barrier to becoming a driving instructor, other than having to pass a three-part qualifying examination.

The ADI qualifying examination is in three parts:
•    An IT based theory test (Part 1)
•    A practical test of your driving ability (Part 2)               
•    A practical test of your ability to instruct (Part 3) 

You must take and pass all three parts of the examination in this order and must complete it within two years of passing Part 1.  Most people take less than 2 years to qualify.

Part 1 – Theory Test

The 100-question theory test has a choice of four answers per question, one of which is correct.  You have 90 minutes to complete the test and you must get a minimum score of 85% to pass.

The second element of Part One is a Hazard Perception Test.  You are shown 14 film clips and must spot developing hazards involving other roads users.  By clicking the mouse button as soon as you see the hazard your reaction time is converted into a points score.  You must score at least 57 out of 75 to pass.

Part 2 – Driving Ability Test

The test consists of eyesight and driving technique tests.  The test lasts for about an hour and you must:

•    Be able to read a car number plate at a distance of 27.5 m (90 ft) to pass the eyesight test.
•    Answer simple questions on the maintenance and operation of a vehicle.
•    Pass a driving test of an advanced nature.  A high standard of driving ability is required.

Part 3 – Test of Instructional Ability

This test lasts for an hour and is in two 30-minute phases.  Your ability to instruct pupils at different stages in their training will be assessed.  You must pass both phases in the same test to pass.