Intensive Training

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We get lots of enquiries from people who either live in areas not covered by our qualified trainers, or who would prefer to train quickly.
Because of this, we do offer intensive training in Central Scotland

This consists of two separate one week courses.

The first week is 5 days in length and we focus on preparing candidates for parts 1 and 2 of the DSA tests. These tests are then taken at your convenience at a test centre to suit you.

Once you have passed these you then come back to us for a second week of training that is devoted to part 3 training. Because of the complexity of part 3 training, this is spread over 6 days.

The costs are: week one £950 and week 2 is £1000. Total cost £1950, which is less than many providers charge for the more drawn out training courses. Both are plus whatever accommodation you choose. The areas have been chosen for the number of good quality, value for money B & B availability, we also have had people bring their caravans!

For potential driving instructors (PDIs) who wish to qualify quickly, are prepared to work more independently on Part 1 and are content to train with another ADI on Part 3, we offer a “Fast-Track” course.


You will be required to have completed Part 1 training at this time as there is an amount of reading and personal studying to be done.


Part 2 training will be condensed into one week to suit the pupil with the test at the end of the week.  20 hrs @ £25 per hour = £500.  Test Fees are paid by student.


Part 3 training will be 40 hours over a period of three weeks with the test at the end.
40 hrs @ £25 per hour = £1000.  Test Fees are paid by student. 

It is not a necessity that the tests for part 2 and part 3 are done at the end of each of the training sessions we have mentioned but can be arranged.

If you would like more detailed information, call us on 01355247400 and someone will contact you.