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You've passed your test. Now you’re ready for Pass Plus, the intensive training course that will help you become a better driver and get a discount on your insurance. So besides improving your driving skills, it could help you save money.

Our driving school offers the DSA Pass Plus Scheme.  Pass Plus courses are available in your own car or a driving school car

If you stay in the South Lanarkshire area you can get £75 off the price of your Pass Plus. Some other Councils are looking into doing this also, you will have to check in your area.  You will need to pay the full cost of the Pass Plus Course to your instructor on the date of the course at a cost of £140, but you will be refunded £75 by way of a voucher redemption once you have received your certificate from the DSA.
South Lanarkshire Council Application Form for Pass Plus is available from your Driving Instructor.

At Freedom we pride ourselves with a well laid out course which covers over a 150 miles on all sorts of roads and terrains.  The course starts at 10 a.m. and finishes at 4p.m. with customary comfort breaks and lunch, which will be provided by us.  To get the full benefit of the course if you have your own car we do it in your car.  This gets you familiar with your own car on all roads.  Our full day course covers the 6 modules listed below for Pass Plus covered by the DSA priced from £140.  Our pass plus course is undertaken by our Leading Instructor who is one of the most highly qualified instructors in Scotland.

These 6 modules can be taken on an hourly basis or as we advise do the complete modules in one day in a highly devised route with comfort breaks and lunch provided.  The complete drive is 150 miles with some of the best scenery in Scotland

One in five newly qualified drivers now take Pass Plus.  More newly qualified drivers completed Pass Plus last month bringing the total number participating in the scheme to over 100,000 since its launch. Pass Plus is a scheme backed by the Government's Driving Standards Agency and insurers to encourage newly qualified drivers to become better drivers. Pass Plus gives extra experience and positive driving skills that would otherwise take a long time to acquire. Pass Plus consists of an additional course of six specially designed training sessions to follow on from a successful practical driving test.

Who can take part?

You can take Pass Plus within your first year of passing the practical driving test

What's involved?

When you get your full driving licence, you can book for a course of 6 specially designed training sessions.

  • These cover driving
  • In town
  • Out of town
  • in all weathers
  • at night
  • on dual carriageways
  • on motorways

There is no further test to take. When your instructor is satisfied with your performance you receive a certificate from the Driving Standards Agency (DSA). This certificate will earn you a substantial discount on your insurance premium from one of the companies in the scheme

Why more training?

As a new driver, you are more likely to have an accident in the first year than at any other time in your motoring career. Lack of experience means that you can be as much as TWO SECONDS slower than a more practised motorist.
Young new drivers are especially vulnerable. They hold only 10% of licences, but they are involved in 20% of road accidents in which someone is injured.
Pass Plus gives you valuable extra experience and positive driving skills that would otherwise take a long time to acquire. You should be a safer and better driver.

In the West of Scotland on country roads 5 people are killed every day - due to high speeds and road terrains.  If this was 5 murders every day there would be an almight cry.  So Pass Plus helps with dealing with all roads to avoid any accidents at all.

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