First Lesson

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So you want to learn to drive? You've come to the right place

Before you start...

You need to be 17 and have a valid provisional licence. Complete a D1 form from the Post Office and send it to the DVLA with your passport or birth certificate and a passport-sized photo as ID. If you live in Scotland, England or Wales you can also apply for your provisional licence on-line. When applying on-line you may still be required to send additional documentation.  You can apply for it up to three months before your 17th birthday and you could book your first lesson for the big day!

Our driving lessons normally last for two hours as we find that this is more beneficial for learning. We can provide one hour lessons if that is what you require and we can also offer longer lessons which include appropriate comfort breaks.

How many lessons will you need?

Driving Standards Agency research shows that the current average is 45 hours of tuition, with an additional 22 hours private practice to pass. Your instructor will give you an idea of how long you are likely to need after your first lesson. You can help keep this low by taking two-hour lessons and following our easy tips for practice with parents or relatives.

Giving you the best start

All driving instructors with Freedom School of Motoring, unlike many other driving instructors, are required to further develop their own driving and instructional abilities beyond the minimum qualifications required to be a DSA Approved Driving Instructor. This approach has resulted in an excellent training environment for our students and one where our instructors have improved their own driving to a more advanced level, which in turn can then be passed on to you!

Freedom will provide you with full support for the theory test including on-road training for the Hazard Perception element. We encourage our students to sit the theory test as soon as they are able and you can buy all study materials direct from us or your instructor.

What Makes our approach unique?

At the start of your lessons you will receive a full pack of the lessons plans you will be doing, also assessment reports and log-books are completed after every lesson to ensure an accurate record of your learning is maintained. This enables your instructor to plan and follow a more structured and individual approach to your training by identifying areas requiring more or less time.

Many well known driving schools and organisations quote "buzz" phrases like teaching you a life skill and state you will be a safe driver for life. As we know, driving is a life skill, but there is no such thing as the perfect driver and Freedom, being actively involved in advanced and fleet driver training, also appreciate that the only way to help you to be a safe driver for life is to have the best possible training and to continually strive to further improve your driving and have it assessed on a regular basis. All of which is provided by us.


We at Freedom School of Motoring believe in value for money.  Although other driving schools may offer underage driver training - our personal opinion on this is - it is a waste of your time, your money and what you have been taught off road can be taught within the first few hours of proper training.  Okay it is fun at the time but has no real advantage to you, as you cannot go on the road.