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Freedom has grown to become one of the West of Scotland's most successful driving school franchises. You may well have seen our Managing Director on the BBC, ITV, Radio or many national newspapers. We pride ourselves on providing a highly personalized service tailored around each instructor's needs and objectives. Our website generates hundreds of pupil enquiries weekly thanks to our internet-marketing skills and the reputation we have built up over the years.

Driving instructor jobs

We believe that a happy instructor means happy pupils, which in turn means repeat business for us. With this in mind, we work hard to ensure all our instructors are satisfied with the franchise and fully booked throughout the year.
We only recruit instructors in areas where we can demonstrate an acceptable level of work. Unlike many other driving schools, we never recruit multiple instructors in the same area unless our existing instructor(s) are overbooked and continuously forced to turn pupils away. As a result – and unlike most other franchises – we are able to offer our instructors a two-way contract, where we guarantee a regular supply of pupils in return for the weekly franchise fee paid by the instructor.

Please contact us to discuss these opportunities.

Becoming a Driving Instructor

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Train to be a Driving Instructor?

If you would like to earn £400 + per week after deductions, be your own boss and work flexible hours that you can fit around you and your family, then why not train to be a driving instructor?

Bobby Russell aims to provide a personal service for all his ADI candidates.  The FREEDOM Trainer is with you every step of the way and remains on hand with career guidance and business advice once you have qualified.

Most courses are part time and are tailored to your needs and expectations.  There is plenty of flexibility built in so that training can be arranged around your current commitments and you can work at your own pace.

Training is best carried out at regular intervals for short periods of time (1.5 – 2 hours).  This keeps you in frequent contact with your training, keeps you up-to-date and motivated and allows time for home study and private practice between training sessions.

Short intensive courses can be arranged usually over one or two days: for clients who have some distance of travel, two-day residential courses are a popular choice particularly for people requiring top-up Part 3 training.

On our “Full Course” training is carried out on a 1:1 basis with your Trainer.  The qualifying process is shown on the chart below.

For potential instructors who wish to qualify quickly, are prepared to work more independently on Part 1 are content to train with another trainee ADI on Part 3, we offer a “Fast Track” course.

If you are looking to take control of your life, this could be the perfect move for you. Don’t delay, contact Bobby for further details on
01355247400 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Intensive Training

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We get lots of enquiries from people who either live in areas not covered by our qualified trainers, or who would prefer to train quickly.
Because of this, we do offer intensive training in Central Scotland

This consists of two separate one week courses.

The first week is 5 days in length and we focus on preparing candidates for parts 1 and 2 of the DSA tests. These tests are then taken at your convenience at a test centre to suit you.

Once you have passed these you then come back to us for a second week of training that is devoted to part 3 training. Because of the complexity of part 3 training, this is spread over 6 days.

The costs are: week one £950 and week 2 is £1000. Total cost £1950, which is less than many providers charge for the more drawn out training courses. Both are plus whatever accommodation you choose. The areas have been chosen for the number of good quality, value for money B & B availability, we also have had people bring their caravans!

For potential driving instructors (PDIs) who wish to qualify quickly, are prepared to work more independently on Part 1 and are content to train with another ADI on Part 3, we offer a “Fast-Track” course.


You will be required to have completed Part 1 training at this time as there is an amount of reading and personal studying to be done.


Part 2 training will be condensed into one week to suit the pupil with the test at the end of the week.  20 hrs @ £25 per hour = £500.  Test Fees are paid by student.


Part 3 training will be 40 hours over a period of three weeks with the test at the end.
40 hrs @ £25 per hour = £1000.  Test Fees are paid by student. 

It is not a necessity that the tests for part 2 and part 3 are done at the end of each of the training sessions we have mentioned but can be arranged.

If you would like more detailed information, call us on 01355247400 and someone will contact you.


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To qualify as an ADI you will have to meet certain legal requirements:
•    Be over 21 years of age
•    Have held a full, unrestricted licence for at least 3 and a half years.
•    Have no more than 5 penalty points on your licence
•    Be a fit and proper person to have your name entered on the ADI Register.  All convictions (including motoring) are taken into account.  DSA will carry out Criminal Records Bureau checks to assess the suitability of persons applying for inclusion on the Register.
•    Read a number plate at a distance of 90 feet.

If you meet all these legal requirements there is no barrier to becoming a driving instructor, other than having to pass a three-part qualifying examination.

The ADI qualifying examination is in three parts:
•    An IT based theory test (Part 1)
•    A practical test of your driving ability (Part 2)               
•    A practical test of your ability to instruct (Part 3) 

You must take and pass all three parts of the examination in this order and must complete it within two years of passing Part 1.  Most people take less than 2 years to qualify.

Part 1 – Theory Test

The 100-question theory test has a choice of four answers per question, one of which is correct.  You have 90 minutes to complete the test and you must get a minimum score of 85% to pass.

The second element of Part One is a Hazard Perception Test.  You are shown 14 film clips and must spot developing hazards involving other roads users.  By clicking the mouse button as soon as you see the hazard your reaction time is converted into a points score.  You must score at least 57 out of 75 to pass.

Part 2 – Driving Ability Test

The test consists of eyesight and driving technique tests.  The test lasts for about an hour and you must:

•    Be able to read a car number plate at a distance of 27.5 m (90 ft) to pass the eyesight test.
•    Answer simple questions on the maintenance and operation of a vehicle.
•    Pass a driving test of an advanced nature.  A high standard of driving ability is required.

Part 3 – Test of Instructional Ability

This test lasts for an hour and is in two 30-minute phases.  Your ability to instruct pupils at different stages in their training will be assessed.  You must pass both phases in the same test to pass.

Benefits with Freedom

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FREEDOM abides by the Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers (ORDIT) Code of Practice administered by the Driving Standards Agency.
Highly professional, experienced and ORDIT qualified trainer who cares about your success.

  • Specialising in ADI Part 3 Training.  I am an independent ADI trainer who concentrates solely on your preparation to become a driving instructor.
  • Individually designed training courses.
  • Staged payments (pay as you train) and excellent value for money.
  • Assistance with a Career Development Loan (if required).
  • All training is in-car 1:1 with myself unless on a Fast-Track course.
  • Unique teaching resources are provided with individual advice and reports on your progress.
  • Opportunities to observe driving lessons with qualified ADIs.
  • A guarantee of best value for money on a 1:1 hour-for-hour basis.
  • Assistance with starting your own business or obtaining a franchise position with a local or national driving school.
  • Career development assistance as you progress as a qualified ADI.
  • The safe knowledge that your course fees are invested in your training, not used on advertising or expensive offices.  Compare our prices, training qualifications and pass rate to other training providers.

If you would like to know more or have any questions contact Bobby Russell on 01355 247400, Mobile 07989285695 or e-mail him on:

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